Suhub Rest House

Suhub Rest House

A unique way to explore Khorfakkan’s mountains, Cloud lounge is a recently built mountain-side rest stop that lies 600 meters above sea level, offering panoramic views across Khorfakkan. As you pass through the entrance, you will find a range of wonderful facilities including a luxury restaurant. The complex, built with a carefully designed, the safe road includes viewing points along the way.

All About Suhub Rest House

This incredible new hotspot in the mountains of Khor Fakkan has fascinating architecture. The building’s design resembles a flying saucer. The circular structure is unique, with a diameter of 30 meters. Al Suhub Rest House is almost 600 meters above sea level. The mountaintop “cloud lounge” at the Rest House provides the perfect vantage point to soak in the scenic views.

Best Place to Visit in Summer For Dubai

Place of Relaxing 

The Al Suhub Rest Area features water fountains and massive green spaces with more than 8,000 trees. Visitors can relax under the thick shadows and have a nice time with their families. Little ones can spend time in the dedicated play area. A 3-km path will take you from the Al Suhub Rest Area to the Al Rafisah Dam – a fun destination for the whole family.


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