5 Days Umrah Booking by Air With 5 Star Hotel

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Best Umrah Booking  2023

 Umrah for year 2023 is open for all Dubai and you can book any kind of (Umrah Booking) with us. There are variety of Umrah Packages from Economy to 5 Start  hotel Packages based on your budget range .With Best Destination your travel partner.

Booking Status: Open

5 days Umrah Package by air with 5 star hotels

In Umrah, Muslims in Ihram state, perform the Tawaf of Ka’bah (circling 7 times around the Ka’bah), then perform Sa’ee (walking 7 times on and between the hills of Safa and Marwah) and then Qasar/ Halaq (shortening the hair). When you perform these 4 acts devotedly, your Umrah is submitted and you can now get out of the Ihram and do other deeds which were prohibited to do in the state of Ihram.

There are a number of  Umrah Packages with 5 star hotel on trips.which include all the facilities and quality services. Booking an Umrah Package has been so easy than it had been never before. Just you can pick up the contact number and book your Umrah Packag online while sitting at home. Get  5 star Umrah package in 2023.

umrah zaiyrat

Step by Step Guide To Umrah

Doing the Umrah is so easy and anyone can do the Umrah without any guide from booking to performing Umrah. Here is a quick guide you can use to understand the whole Umrah process:


Step 1: Umrah Booking

Choosing an Umrah Package has become so easy these days. You can explore different Umrah packages online or from physical travel agents. www.bestdestinationtt.com

Most of the Umrah packages offer all-in-one solution which means the package will include all the requirements during umrah. These are:

  1. Return flight ticket
  2. Pick-up Point is From Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi
  3. Hotel stay (better hotels offer breakfast also)
  4. Transport from Makkah to Madina and return
  5. Ziarat in Makkah and Madian ( included in the packages)
  6. Return flight
Step 2 : Prepare for Umrah

When you book an Umrah package with a best destination  travel agency, they will typically take care of all the logistics for you. This includes booking your flight and hotel, as well as arranging transportation to and from the airport. However, there are a few things you can do to prepare for your trip and make the most of your experience.

Here are a few tips to prepare for Umrah:

1. Research the city of Mecca and learn about its history and culture. This will help you appreciate the holy city and understand its importance to Muslims worldwide.

2. Learn the basics of Islam before you go. This will help you feel more comfortable when performing religious rites and interacting with locals.

3. Pack light and comfortable clothing. You will be doing a lot of walking during your trip, so make sure to pack clothes that won’t weigh you down or cause discomfort.

4. Bring enough cash to cover your expenses. While many places in Mecca accept credit cards, it’s always good to have cash on hand in case of emergencies.

5. Don’t forget to pack your passport and other travel documents! Make sure everything is in order before you leave so that you don’t run into any problems at the airport or during your stay in Saudi Arabia.

Step 3: Your Flight Day

Before you ascend upon your blessed Umrah journey flight by booking Umrah packages from Dubai   with  5 star hotel you must ensure that you follow the following steps.

Step 4: Arrival in Jeddah

After you have arrived at Jeddah Airport along with your Umrah pilgrimage group members through  umrah packages, you will be gradually be received or welcomed by ministry of Hajj staff as they will process your travel documents and help you along the way.

You will have to face waiting period from 4 to 6 hours in passenger arrival halls and present your passport to Saudi authorizes as your item like checques, bus vouchers to be stapled with your passport.

You group leader will now collect your passport and make the necessary travel arrangements for traveling to your hotel in Medina or Mekkah according to your Umrah package travel itinerary.

Step 5. Arrive at your Hotel

When you arrive at your hotel, you must take rest and refreshment in order to regain your energy. Afterwards you must get ready for performing the holy act of Umrah pilgrimage that you have attained through your  Umrah package.

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